Stained-Glass Window with a View: One Ohio Church Takes on the World

During my morning commute, I heard a news story about an Ohio Church which inspired a mixed feeling of amusement, pride, and dismay.

A Blacklick, Ohio church has updated the sign on their property to read: “I kissed a girl and I liked it. Then I went to hell.” (Read about it here). An interesting adaptation to Katy Perry’s song, which ruled the charts this summer (personally, I’m not a big fan).

A breakdown of my feelings:

Amusement: I think this is hilarious.

Pride: I’m proud that a church is making an effort to “get with the times” by integrating music into its message.

Dismay: I’m appalled by the harsh viewpoint this espouses and by the fact that the pastor responsible for the sign, Rev. Dave Allison, says “the sign is intended as a loving warning to teens.” Call me the odd-ball out, but I fail to see how threats of hell can in any fashion be categorized as “loving.”

The ants go marching on…

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