facilitation & keynoting

Looking for a transformational experience that will refocus or energize your team or organization? Need to take a step back to leap forward? Want to inspire a group with a thought-provoking call to action? 

Let’s work together

I deliver high-impact, bespoke experiences that enable groups to expand their perspectives, equip them with new approaches and strategies, and empower them tackle the complex challenges ahead. Interested in exploring what we can do together? Click below to share some basic information and I’ll be in touch to discuss next steps.

Who I work with

I’ve delivered keynotes and facilitated experiences to a wide variety of groups across the globe, ranging from C-suite executives to front-line employees, in an array of industries (including advertising, education, entertainment, finance, hardware, marketing, retail, software, supply chain, and technology). 

What clients ask for

I’ve delivered a diverse array of facilitated experiences and keynotes, ranging from a nine-month executive education program for a small intact group of C-suite executives to 90-minute workshops for front-line employees. I draw on my expertise in learning and leadership development, and my broad professional experiences, to help clients solve problems around issues such as:

  1. Developing and aligning on a new strategy, vision, and direction
  2. Goal-setting, roadmapping, and action-planning
  3. Innovation; developing new products or services
  4. Upskilling leaders
  5. Building coaching skills; creating a coaching culture

My approach

I draw on my core areas of expertise—learning, leadership, org development, talent—in any engagement. However, I thrive in opportunities to design novel experiences that tackle unique problems. I heavily invest in customizing experiences to my audience so ensure maximum relevance and value.

What clients say

As an outcome-oriented leader, whether or not I ‘hit the mark’ is critically important to me. I’m deeply gratified to routinely receive exceptional post-program feedback. 

In a recent two-day leadership development workshop for 96 leaders, survey feedback (n=90) returned:

  • 100.0% favorable response rate (FRR) that the workshop helped them become more effective leaders
  • 96.7% FRR that they would be able to apply workshop content in their day-to-day roles
  • 92 net promoter score (vs a global benchmark of 37)

Participants have also been kind enough to share comments such as these:

“Ashley is amazing. Brilliant. Insightful training. Well worth my time and I think will be great for [organization] to keep doing this.” 

“Ashley did a fantastic job. I had mild expectations but it blew those out of the water. Very effective and useful.”

“Outstanding job to Ashley. I did not expect to gain as much as I did today. About time [the organization] is giving our leaders the tools to succeed.” 

“Ashley was phenomenal! He was engaging throughout his portion of the program and did a nice job explaining concepts quickly in the short time he had. He also seemed genuinely interested in and excited by our experiences throughout his course and the activities he had us participate in. I would love to have him as a coach! “

“Ashley did a great job. I had seen the content before and was still very engaged and learned from it.  He nailed it.” 

“Ashley is amazing.  Very effective speaker and demonstrates both kindness and intellect immediately.”