Time for Strategy

Are your decisions based more on reflex or reflection? This may be one key to becoming a more strategic leader, according to a post by Liane Davey at the HBR blog.

Reflecting on how you go about your work, you may find that you’re too busy to allow for much intentional reflection on decisions. Davey provokes insight (and a little guilt), when she knowingly asks, “What percentage of your workweek is spent in meetings? How much of the time left over is a mad dash to respond to emails, make phone calls, and do some actual work?”

A moment’s reflection on Davey’s question likely delivers you to the same conclusion she makes: “Possibilities are unlimited; time, money, and resources are not.” Consequently, these three variables are our most significant leverage points. And while not all of us may have much oversight over money and resources (in our personal or professional lives, it may seem), time is a universal variable — and a universal choice.

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